Qualities to Look for in a Residential Roofing Contractor

The roof is your first line of defense against the outside elements and should, therefore, be able to protect you and your home properly and adequately.

A roof also inevitably suffers some wear and tear over time, whether it is due to age, whether or some other unforeseen circumstance. And when this wear and tear develops, it is important to deal with it as soon as possible and in the right way.

This is where your residential roofing contractors come in. A quality residential roofer will advise you to conduct regular inspections and will make sure to take care of any damages to your roof before they develop further.

A reliable and experienced roofer will also be able to tell you when the roof repairs will suffice and when the only solution is a complete roof replacement. And whichever service you may need, the most important thing is that you have a quality and trustworthy roofer who knows what they’re doing.

In order to find such a roofer, we bring you some of the most important qualities and things to look for when choosing a residential roofing company. Read on!   

Licensed and Insured

A professional residential roofing contractor should have all the state and locally-required licenses and certification. This will be your proof of the contractor’s credibility and professionalism and an assurance that they are qualified to do the roofing project.

When it comes to insurance, it is never advisable to work with a roofer that doesn’t have any as in such a case, you stand liable for potential litigations that may occur between you and the roofer if there are any worksite injuries. Therefore, always go with a roofer that is insured with at least a general liability insurance and a worker’s compensation insurance.

The roofer should be willing to provide you with the copies and proof of all the above-mentioned documentation and you should never hesitate to ask for them. They are what protects you and your property from unreliable, unskilled, and unprofessional roofing contractors.


Offers Warranties

A warranty is proof of quality and a guarantee that your roofing system will provide you with adequate protection for a long time. A warranty is a testament to the quality of workmanship of the roofer in question as well as the roofing materials in question.

Therefore, a roofer that offers warranties for their work, as well as for the roofing materials used is a professional roofer that can be trusted. You should always opt for such a roofer as they are most likely do high-quality work and give you a roof that will last.

With a workmanship’s warranty, for example, you will be covered in case of any damages and issues that occur as a result of improper installation. The roofer that installed it will come and resolve the issue with no additional expenses.


Experienced in the Business

While it is always good to support new local businesses and help them grow, when it comes to your roof, you will be better off putting your trust in an experienced roofing company.

The roof is a big and very important investment, probably one of the biggest investments you will make, apart from buying the house itself, so you should take great precautions when choosing a roofer.

A roofer with substantial experience, one that has been around for some time, will be better equipped to deal with any roofing issue that you have. They will have better skills in dealing with different types of roofing systems, as well as a better eye for any underlying issues.

An experienced roofer will have dealt with numerous different roof issues, damages, materials, and systems, which means that they will have better problem-solving techniques and will be able to find a solution for whatever potential issue that comes up.


Great Customer Service

The roofer you choose to work with should have great communication skills, i.e. always keep an open line of communication with you when it comes to your roofing project.

Good customer service is a quality of great residential roofing companies, of roofers that care about their clients, and who want to develop a good reputation and grow in their local community. Professional and reliable roofers know that clients should be their number one priority and therefore treat each client as such.  

If your roofer returns your calls, takes the time to explain what’s wrong with your roof, takes you through the process, answer your questions patiently, and gives you all the documentation that you need, then that is the roofer to choose.


Backed by Client Recommendations and Reviews

Former clients’ experiences are very important and they are a great testament to the roofer in question. You should always inquire about the roofer’s previous clients and look for referrals and recommendation wherever you can.

You can start with online reviews and if you have the chance, even talk to those clients in person or on the phone. You can ask the roofer you are considering to refer you to some of their previous clients or to show you some of their previous work so that you can reach an informed and verified decision.

Any well-established and trustworthy roofer will be more than happy to do it and if the reviews are generally positive, you shouldn’t have a problem working with that roofing contractor.


Locally Operated

Last, but not least, it is always recommended to go local. Choosing a local roofer has many benefits and can make your cooperation with the roofing contractor much easier and reliable.

Your roofing repair or replacement will go much smoother if you are able to reach you residential roofer quickly, as well as if the roofer can come to your home right away.

Working with a local roofer also gives you added security as they will be established in your local community, they will have a physical business address and an office where you can go see them, which helps you to avoid scammers and storm chasers.  


Final Thought

A roofer that has all these qualities is most likely to do a great roofing job and leave you satisfied and with a quality roof that will last you a long time.

Chando Construction is a local residential roofer that checks all those boxes, so don’t hesitate to contact us for any roofing service you may need or any question that you may have.