Does Your Commercial Roof Need Repair: 5 Warning Signs

Re-roofing your commercial property can be a rather costly task, which is why it is vital to try and maintain it in good condition. It is important for the integrity of the entire building, as well as for the success of your business.

A quality commercial roofing system can last you for a long time but only when taken care of properly. A commercial roof needs regular inspections and maintenance, at least once a year, where any issues and damages will be discovered on time and dealt with properly.

Take a look at some of the most common damages that your commercial roof can develop and that indicate the need for a roof repair.

1. Signs of Interior Water Damage


Some of the first signs that you can notice and the first indicators that there might be a problem with your roof are signs of water damage inside your commercial property.

When the water reaches the inside of your building, it is most often due to a roof leak. This roof leak can be very minor, one that you usually cannot notice yourself, which is why it is important to contact your roofer as soon as possible. They will be able to determine the source of the leak and repair it before it causes more damage.

The warning signs you should be on the lookout for include stains on the walls and ceilings, signs that water has been dripping on your walls, general dampness inside the building, which can be due to elevated levels of moisture, and mold growth, which is also a health hazard, apart from being a structural issue.

Some of the even more obvious signs will be puddles forming and water pooling inside the property, minor or major flooding, and an increase or the appearance of different rodents and insects.


2. Obvious Increase in Your Utility Bills


The main function of a commercial or any other roof is to provide protection from the elements and to keep the interior safe and undamaged. But apart from that, the roof has other vital functions, as well.

The roof also serves to protect and cover the insulation and ventilation that maintain optimal indoor comfort and temperatures, adequate for people to live and/or work there. When your roof is damaged, therefore, it can also cause disturbances in these aspects of your commercial property.

Weather damages, wear and tear, punctures, foot traffic, bird and animal activity can all cause the roof to get damaged and lose its insulating and reflective properties. Its reflective coating may wear off, which may decrease the roof’s ability to reflect the sunlight and increase your need for air conditioning – resulting in higher energy bills.

The roof is, therefore, the most common source of this problem, which means that you should contact your roofer who will get to the bottom of the issue.


3. Bubbles on the Roof Surface


Bubbles on your commercial roof are a very obvious sign that there is something wrong with your roof and that you should conduct roof repairs as soon as possible.

Apart from the stains that you can notice inside your commercial property, this bubbling of your roof surface is one of the easiest issues to notice.

Bubbles or blisters are most commonly caused by improper installation of your commercial roof. When it is not installed adequately, there can be some moisture left trapped underneath the surface. When that moisture evaporates, it causes the bubbles and blisters to form.

These areas where the bubbles form are highly vulnerable and can allow water to seep inside your building. Therefore, if you’ve noticed leaks inside the building and you also have bubbles formed on the roof surface, they are probably the source of the leak.


4. Deteriorating or Sagging Roof


If you notice that there are some lower spots on your roof, dips, areas where water has pooled and puddled, those are some obvious signs that your roof is deteriorating beneath the surface, i.e. that the roof’s support system is deteriorating.

Your roof can also present signs of sagging, which is a similar issue. You will notice that your roof is not even, that there are some lower areas, similarly to the deteriorating roof support.

These issues can be caused by excessive moisture that is accumulating in these areas, excess or additional weight on the roof, as well as snow, rain, hail, wind, and other harsh weather circumstances.

They can cause your roof, as well as your insulation and the underlying structures,  to soak up too much water or to break or tear, which in turn compromises your roof’s entire structure and its ability to perform its proper function.

You should call a professional commercial roofer, who will determine the source and the location of the problem and conduct proper steps to repair your roof and get it back into shape.


5. Clogged Gutters and Downspouts


The source of your roof problems can be as simple as a clogged drainage system. Your gutters and downspouts have a very important role of directing the water away from the roof and your property. When they don’t perform their role, issues can develop.

When your drainage system is blocked in any way when the water cannot find its way away from the roof, it will stay on the roof, pool, and possibly cause some damages. Pooling water can lead to water damage both inside and outside your property. It can cause roof leaks and structural issues.

Therefore, observe your gutters, see if the water is going away during or after a heavy rain, and if you notice any issues, don’t hesitate to call you commercial roofer. They will expertly clean and unclog your gutters, as well as to conduct any repairs necessary.




These are some of the most common, as well as some of the most obvious signs that your commercial roofing system needs repairs and immediate attention.

Catching all roofing issues on time is very important and it can help in mitigating the damage and preventing a complete roof replacement.

Therefore, at any sign of problems, call your best commercial roofing contractors and they will deal with it quickly and properly.