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Chando Construction Company has been providing homeowners with high-quality construction services across the Midwest including Ohio and Minnesota. We are proud to say that we are a reliable and reputable company providing our services for more than twenty years. We are a premier company providing our services in the field of roofing, remodeling, siding services, and storm damage repairs. In our team, we have skilled contractors and workers. By working together for so many years our contractors have gotten used to all work-related problems and they have all the developmental skills and vast knowledge to handle everything construction related.

We operate and do business across the Midwest. The primary reason for our loyal client base is that we always put emphasis on our clients’ problems and then based on our knowledge and skills we then rectify those problems. In all of our service providing years in construction, we have never failed at any job. This is the reason that we are one of the leaders in the Midwest.

Our goal is to provide our services honestly in an ethical way to all our clients. We work with superior workmanship and the best possible materials and provide our services to both residential as well as to commercial clients. Our vision is to foster an environment with the help of our clients which will help us incorporate new ideas, latest innovations, and consistent growth. We urge you to try our services, we promise you when we will be done with our work you will be highly satisfied.

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Our services in Lima, Ohio

Roofing Services

Regardless of the material and kind of roof, you may have on top of your home, it is only natural that over time the roof is going to wear out. A properly installed roof can last for decades but still, you have to maintain properly every once in a while. If you have reason to believe that your roof has a problem, we can help you sort that out. Oftentimes it is very hard to pinpoint a leak on a roof.  We have been working on the roofs and fixing them and we assure you that we will fix your roof problem at a very affordable rate.

You can contact us now if you are noticing any leak on your roof and If you have noticed that you have a missing shingle. We offer free inspection and free estimates and our skilled technicians will be able to provide you the exact time frame for your problem. We also install new roofs depending on the choice of the clients. Our contractors will guide you to choose the best roof and we will do the whole job as soon as possible. After we are done with our repairing work or installing a new roof, we always make sure to check and test that the roofs are properly working. If you need to have your roof repaired or you want a new roof installed, make sure to call us.

Siding Repair and Installation Services

Having a damaged siding will cost you a lot of money in the long run. Having your siding periodically checked through experienced contractors will guarantee the siding longevity and proper functionality. Most of the time damage to a siding is caused by storms, birds, mold, lawnmowers or barbecue grills melting the portions. Chando contractors are the best in the siding repair business. With over twenty years of experience, we have gotten used to all problems related to siding repairs and our contractors have the capability to fix any problem.

We offer free inspection and prior estimates to all our customers. We believe in customer satisfaction and a loyal clientele base know this and that’s why we have been providing quality services in the Midwest areas which include the city of Lima, OH. If you want the best quality services at an affordable cost, contact us now to talk to us immediately.

Remodeling Services

People want to change the way their home looks. It may be due to the fact that they are tired of their old home look or they have seen a home in a movie or in a magazine and they want their home to look like that. That’s when people tend to go for remodeling. Remodeling may be for a whole home or it may be partial, whatever it is, Chando Construction is the company for that. We have been helping people by remodeling their homes for many years. So, if you want to have some space in your area or you want to turn your basement into a living room or you just want to change the look of your kitchen you can contact us now and we will be at your service. We have certified skilled contractors who are best in designing and renovating an old look to a completely new and modern look.

The range of remodeling services differs from person to person according to their needs. However, we have been providing our services in both interior and exterior remodeling of the homes. Inside a home, most people tend to go for kitchen remodeling, home office remodeling, bathroom remodeling and additions to the existing space inside the home. Exterior remodeling is done by working on the outside look and design of the home. By remodeling the exterior of a home, we can make your home look aesthetically appealing.

Our contractors have the skills to make your home look unique and beautiful. Remodeling is also a great way to increase the value of your home. Whether it is a small remodeling job or a large one, make sure to contact us now.

Storm Damage Repair Services

We know how troubling storms can be. Storms that may wreak havoc on people in the form of blizzards, hailstorms, heavy rains, hurricanes and tornados can be quite devastating. The sudden damage of a storm can be quite nerve-wracking. The contractors of Chando Construction know how much you may want to have your home back in order after a storm has caused damage to your home. We offer a quick after storm damage repair service. We are a local home-based company and an integral part of the Lima business community and we know the mindset of our people. Our contractors start the repairing services right away and complete the task until all the problems are fixed.

Chando Construction is the only company you need to look for if you have suffered any damage in a storm. You may notice some new faces around your area after a storm is passed. These are the kind of people who follow a storm from town to town and knock on people’s doors. They are your typical “storm chasers” and you have to stay away from them. Getting a professional construction company with a background and history for your home services is the way to go. We have strong relationships with all of our clients which we have built over the years. You can get in touch with us if you need any of our services and our contractors will be happy to be at your service.

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Why Choose Us?


Our contractors are highly skilled and they have decades of experience and have seen every problem and have fixed every problem and we offer our services at very affordable prices.


Chando Construction is one of the oldest services providing companies across the Midwest. We have been a very active part of the business community in Ohio and Minnesota. We have more than twenty years of experience in roofing services, after storm damage repairs, siding and remodeling services.


We have a tremendous record of handling all our projects in an orderly manner. Chando Construction is a company full of skilled contractors and our project management revolves around helping clients until they are satisfied.


Chando Construction not only has the most skilled contractors who work on a job site and complete it with perfection but we also have specialists in our team who are experts in dealing with filing and getting successful insurance claims.


We offer free inspection and free estimates before committing to any work. We let our customers know about the exact cost and time it will take to complete the task. Due to this, our customers can decide what options to choose depending upon the budget and it helps them greatly.

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Chando Construction, LLC - HomeAdvisor Elite Service

Chando Construction, LLC - Accredited Business A+

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If you need quality roofing, remodeling or siding services in Lima, OH, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime! Give us a call at (567) 278-9448 or send us an email at info@chandoconstruction.com.

About Lima, OH

Located on the Ottawa River the fine city of Lima is about 90 miles northwest of Columbus (OH). The city was laid out in 1831 and it was named after the capital of Peru. Lima was a popular city right from the start all thanks to five railroads coming through the town. The major boost in population and economy came around the year 1885 when oil was discovered in nearby areas of the city. Within years the city grew immensely. Several manufacturing factories were established that were producing oil drilling equipment. Lima is also the first city in the whole state of Ohio where the first electric streetcar system was planned and placed. The city saw a major boom in the early twentieth century. However, as part of the Rust Belt decline, the progress of the city came to halt in the around the 1970s when the oil wells were dried out. Most factories were abandoned and people started to move out of the city. Today there are many manufacturing jobs where people work. Lima Army Tank Plant is located in the city which has been in working condition since 1941.

There are many places to see in the city of Lima. There is a very prominent Allen Country Museum and Veterans Freedom Flag Monument. If you love nature and parks you can visit Lippincott Bird Sanctuary. There is also a very famous Lima Stadium which was built in 1930. Considered a historical site, the Lima Stadium was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2002. The Ohio State University has also a campus in Lima which is providing education to over 1200 students. On the shopping side, Lima Mall is a place to visit and there are several restaurants and food joints to visit if you are feeling hungry.